256 Shades of Gray™ is a photography learning community that stresses a high level of participation to help improve your photography, especially your Black and White photography.  We provide a private online learning community on Google Plus, a public group on Facebook, and this website, with its forum, tutorials, workshops, and more, for photographers of all levels of skill and experience.

If you are relatively new to photography, looking for tips and instruction that will help you better understand camera settings, exposure, composition, and other areas, you’ll find tips and tutorials that will help. Our forum will also provide a safe place to share your photos and receive constructive feedback on how they might be improved. Our workshops will provide a concentrated time where you will not only visit wonderful locations for photography, but will also receive personal critique, group instruction, and answers to your questions.

Intermediate photographers will find information and opportunities to explore more advanced areas of  exposure, including the Digital Zone System, composition, post-processing, and more! Workshops in wonderful locations also allow you to explore new techniques, discuss them with the workshop leader and with other participants, and work on areas where you would like to improve. We also hope that you will help answer questions from less-experienced photographers, and share the knowledge you have already gained.

Are you an advanced (or professional) shooter? You are welcome to participate in every aspect of 256 Shades of Gray, and we certainly hope that, as you do, you will also share your knowledge with the other participants. If you are interested in helping to lead a workshop, or even conduct your own, we may be able to work with you to help you achieve your goals.