CWLUP-2-2Charles Lupica

The art of seeing is the art of embracing our childhood. Learn to look for the detail that others have missed. Change the narrative. Share with us who you are and who you want to be through your photography. Photography is the medium we use to build relationships that help us grow. 

Charles is an International award winning photographer, author, mentor and workshop leader. He specializes in Black and White Fine Art Photography but loves to explore cityscapes, landscapes, moutainscapes, Long Exposure, macro and On Black Photography. He is the owner and mentor in the Online Photography learning community, 256 Shades of Gray™ on Google Plus. His images have sold worldwide for use in magazines, newspapers, brochures and even a jigsaw puzzle. His book, "Grand Angle sur la Collegiale de Neuchatel", won a gold medal in the 2013 ipa awards. 

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MTM_arcanum-100Jean Michel Missri

I started in 1974 shooting concerts for a very small french music magazine. I had the privilege of making images of almost all of the top rock and jazz bands in the world from Little feat to the Doobie Brothers and The Rolling Stones.
A short while after I started working on street and travel photography.

In 1991 I took the job of Press and Publicity manager for the PBA (Professional Boardsailors association) I kept shooting all the events and got published in over 200 magazines. I now work as a freelance photographer/journalist, and I am the editor of Shades of Grey Fine Art photography magazine.

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