What is 256 Shades of Gray™ ?
256 Shades of of Gray™, also known as 256SOG™­ , is a learning community that stresses a high level of participation to  help improve your Black and White photography.  Some might call it a course, some might call it a workshop, others might call it a mentorship.  We like to think of it as a journey that we take together to explore your art and your vision. In 256SOG, members share their images and they offer critique to each other.  Members are asked / encouraged to share detailed explanations of their workflow, their Intent for an image and their thought processes.

This is a special, private community for people interested in improving their Photography, especially their Black and White photography through the exploration of form, shape, contrast, negative space, attention to detail, composition, post-processing, the Digital Zone System and more. The 256 Shades of Gray experience is based on a series of lessons, assignments and workshops designed to help you see the world around you.  To discover more, to see more, to explore your art.  In short we hope to improve your sense of the world around you, to help you develop your skills as a photographer and to help you find your vision through Intent.   The program is ongoing and evolving.  256 Shades of Gray is now in its third year. In addition to the lessons lessons and assignments, we have informal discussions, live video “chats” 9via Google Hangouts), and recorded tutorials. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!  256 Shades of Gray is brought to you by a team of dedicated moderators and teachers but the real power of 256 Shades of Gray™ is you.

What to Expect.
256SOG is an assignment based workshop.   During the year there will be approximately 30 to 40 assignments requiring new photography.  Some assignments may last more than a week but most will be one week long.  New assignments are posted on Friday.  The assignments are grouped into modules. At the end of each module there is recap assignment.

256SOG requires a high level of commitment.
This  means that you will need to spend several hours a week taking images, processing those images, preparing your post, and critiquing the images posted by other community members

The heart of 256SOG is participation.  Life is such that no one is expected to participate every week but.  We fully believe that the more you put into the community, the more you’ll get out of the experience

What 256SOG is a not.
It’s not a photography theme. You can’t just dump a photo on the community and leave.
It’s not a Project 52.  Most of the time there won’t be a specific subject to shoot.
It’s more concept based. You won’t get a lot of oohs and aahs and flattery. You will get a lot of honest critique.